ChangeLog (24 May 2020)

Fixed: Licensing model changed to follow bundle and full versions of the product (23 Apr 2020)

Fixed: Registry Operations – wrong WMI repository, causes Access Denied messages (01 Jan 2020)

Added: To add NSI Installer package for installation of the System Tools
Added: License agreement
Added: Help File creation – Installation
Added: Help File creation – Offline Activation and Web Documentation
Added: Resize of the main window
Added: Tooltip to file operation about wildcards symbols to use
Added: System Information – Net shares
Fixed: Crash when pressing “Stop” button when reading the registry
Fixed: One time WMI Authentication for host when access Registry keys in a loop
Fixed: Config INI freezes if share does not exist (check before opening file)
Fixed: Share exist check for copy files import/restore registry
Fixed: Interrupt copy process and delete target file if main process was terminated
Fixed: Registry read, “count” is out of status bar region
Fixed: Focus on input fields when add host/add group
Fixed: Trial Period Expired Message popup appears even if first launch
Fixed: First run resets key even if it is correct to trial
Fixed: Folder deletion is freezing when folder contains too many files
Fixed:: Search Events does not work
Fixed:: Close button on update to interupt all update process
Fixed:: WMI import from localhost crashes

 1.9.555 (09 Dec 2017)

Fixed: Progress dialog and welcome screen are not disappearing if application not in focus
Fixed: Transparent slider background in the Settings -> File Copy
Fixed: Not needed “copying” messages in the log file
Fixed: Registry read key values returns nothing in first key does not has values but has sub-keys
Fixed: Read ini does not work for local host with key and section
Fixed: Activation key field became read-only after activate button pressed with empty key
Fixed: Unable to send request to activation servers does not switch to offline activation mode if internet connection missing
Added: Icons to the tabs to settings

 1.9.551 (09 Dec 2016)

Added: Logs History parameter to the settings
Added: Automatic Updates option in the settings
Added: Software Update
Added: Trial – Activation / Dis-activation functions
Added: Trial – Protection against de-compiling tools
Added: Trial – Protection against debuggers
Added: Remember the order of the actions in the scenario when jump between tabs
Added: Syntax standard for Status Bar messages, to add host cell
Added: Status Bar resize
Added: Process execution to trace processes before they started to get the parameters of execution
Added: General – Disable Update if Trial
Added: General – Only 2 hosts to process if Trial
Fixed: File copy dialog freezes when copy of large files and simple method
Fixed: Backup/Export registry to check if reg key exist first
Fixed: Registry – Export can not find the exported registry file
Fixed: Restart Service, if process stopped in the middle, application stuck
Fixed: Remote Control – Trace stuck from time to time
Fixed: Services – Select local services dialog optimized to increase the speed of import
Fixed: Remote Control – _WMI_Connect_With_Authentication – to status bar adapter function
Fixed: File Copy – Progress spelling Total/Copied
Fixed: Chancel button not translated in ODBC add file/Config Import File
Fixed: ODBC file names are cut in the list
Fixed: Spellchecking of all GUI Strings

 1.9.550 (27 Feb 2016)

Added: Open Setting GUI if application runs for the first time
Added: History of recent opened scenarios
Added: Check Settings if some fields exceeded the allowed values before saving
Added: Enum of available languages and themes
Added: Remember the current theme and the current language
Added: Scenario – Alert if scenario is not empty but no action selected
Added: Scenario – Selected actions should be saved and loaded as a part of scenario
Added: Scenario – Recent scenarios list
Added: Scenario – Select all/ select none/invert selection
Added: Scenario – Compatibility check for combo-boxes
Added: Settings – Parameter about copy method
Fixed: Alert to reopen the application after changes of Language or Theme
Fixed: Themes are not applied
Fixed: Main GUI freezing while updates

 1.9.540 (17 Feb 2016)

Added: Tooltips to all Checkboxes
Added: Tooltips to all Labels
Added: Events – Lists all drivers installed on your system.
Added: Events – Lists programs that run on Windows startup.
Added: Events – Lists all network shares on your machine.
Added: Events – Filter by the range of Event IDs
Added: System Information – System Manufacturer
Added: System Information – BIOS Version
Added: Scenario – Save values and a state of Events tab of Date and Time fields
Added: Scenario – ODBC – Save state of the list of Additional Driver File(s) in the scenario
Added: Scenario – ODBC – Save values of Additional Driver File(s) to the scenario
Added: Scenario – Animated icon in the saving dialog
Added: Remote Control – List of Installed Software
Added: Config file – Create Folder and INI file if it does not exist, as an option
Fixed: Splash Screen – Smooth progress bar
Fixed: ODBC – Activate copy additional files list only when “Attempt to copy driver file” checkbox checked
Fixed: ODBC – Uncheck additional options when Delete, Get List selected
Fixed: Move values of comboboxes into translation file – ODBC / Events
Fixed: General – change the way to calculate amount of errors in main process

 1.9.500 (23 May 2015)

Fixed: Services – Move values of comboboxes to translation file
Fixed: Services – To do not change the startup mode to the same one
Fixed: Config file – Possibility to create empty key in INI file
Fixed: Config file – Value data is missing in the logs after INI key created/modified
Fixed: Config file – Change the message from added/updated to created/modified for INI file
Fixed: Config file – Optimized Partial search for Read operation in INI File
Added: Config file – File open dialog for the INI file
Added: Config file – Sections select dialog for INI file
Added: Config file – Key/value select dialog to read/modify/delete INI file
Added: Services – Granted rights for Service account to start the service if account changed
Added: File System – Description of File Get Attributes of different Attributes
Added: File System – File Copy To/From Description of Overwrites Options
Added: Services – Warning message in the logs if User Acount for the service can not be changed
Added: Registry – Create/Modify Descriptions of Key Types
Added: General – Initialization checkup before running the application
Fixed: Settings – Program Mode is not saving from the settings to the registry

 1.9.440 (30 April 2015)

Added: File System – Different overwrite options
Added: Services – Username Import GUI
Added: Remote Control – Process Name Import GUI
Fixed: General – Move values of comboboxes to translation file – File System / Registry / Remote Control
Fixed: Scenario – Main GUI deactivation while saving/loading of scenarios
Fixed: Files System – Do not enum files if the only one file selected for getinfo/copy/delete procedures
Added: Files System – File System: Parse <Host> placeholder need to be replaced with the transformation of severeal variables <Host>,<Date>,<Time>
Added: Files System – Import shares from remote host, new dialog with combo of hosts and the list of shares
Added: Files System – Import local files/folders, new dialog with file/folder selection
Added: Files System – Output when enum files
Added: Files System – sub folder option as a checkbox

 1.9.439 (01 Jan 2015)

Fixed: General – Crash of application when closed
Fixed: Events – Cleanup remote Event logs sometimes failed
Fixed: General – Checking of internet connection when sending of crash report
Fixed: General – Change Tooltips display time
Fixed: General – Correct English.str to unify the application
Added: Registry – To add different icon to Registry Import GUI
Added: General – Tooltips to all Buttons (Main GUI, Log GUI, Settings GUI, Scenario Tab, Host Add, Group Add)
Added: Domain – Import hosts from AD should have terminate option

 1.9.338 (22 Oct 2014)

Added: General – “Mark” Menu – Select All Hosts
Added: General – “Mark” Menu – Unselect All Hosts
Added: General – “Mark” Menu – Select Online Hosts
Added: General – “Mark” Menu – Select Done Hosts
Added: General – “Mark” Menu – Select Offline Hosts
Added: General – “Mark” Menu – Select Denied Hosts
Added: General – “Mark” Menu – Invert Selection
Added: General – “View” Menu – Show/Hide Toolbar
Added: General – “View” Menu – Show/Hide StatusBar
Added: General – “View” Menu – On/Off Auto-size columns
Added: General – “View” Menu – On/Off Auto-scrolling
Added: General – Button in Main GUI – Invert Hosts Selection
Added: Events – All Events functions changed from WINAPI to WMI
Added: General – Optimize checkboxes in Tabs
Fixed: Remote Control – “Wait before next” field should accept only positive numbers
Fixed: Ping – Two dots symbols in the ping logs at the end
Fixed: System Information – Order of information in results how it is in the “System Info” Tab
Fixed: Services – Stop Service crashes application if several hosts selected
Fixed: General – Flashing GUI when popup appeared
Fixed: Settings – Number of “Ping Threads” setting can not be less than 1
Fixed: Settings – “Remote Process Timeout” setting can not be below 30 sec
Fixed: Events – Empty messages while Event Log reading in some cases
Fixed: Events – Results displaying problem
Fixed: Events – Search doesn’t work

 1.9.200 (16 May 2014)

Fixed: File System – Get Attributes checksum function crashes on 64-bit OS
Added: General – Checking to be able to run only 64-bit version on 64-bit OS
Added: General – Checking if attempt to run the second instance of the program
Added: General – Nice Icons for Crash Report Sender
Added: General – Replace Continue button with Send Report
Added: General – Save Crash Report
Added: General – Sending Crash Report to deveoper mail

 1.9.128 (28 January 2014)

Fixed: System Information – Failed to copy psdeppae to remote host
Fixed: Registry – Read does not returns empty keys
Fixed: System Information – QT version for WIN2003 R2 / WIN7 (32/64) / WIN2008
Fixed: System Information – DirectX version for WIN2003 R2 / WIN7 (32/64)
Fixed: Services – Initialization Error when Service change startup mode
Fixed: General – Menu cause a crash in Windows 7
Fixed: System Information – Warning state of remote commands for DEPPAE even if succeed
Added: System Information – DEP/PAE status with WMI
Added: ODBC – get list of all DSN but not only SQL Server type
Added: ODBC – delete by name any DSN but not only SQL Server type
Added: ODBC – Support of x64 registry structure, add checking of processor arch of remote platform first and then choose a right keys
Added: System Information – – OS Architecture
Added: ODBC – Move ODBC from separated .exe to the main program < 500Kb
Added: System Information – Processor_Architecture to _WMI_Win32_Processor info
Added: General – Separate button to interupt refreshing of Online Status on all hosts

 1.9.7 (31 July 2013)

Added: Config file – “*” or “” to display the list of all sections/keys of INI file
Added: Config file – Fuzzy search of sections/keys of INI file
Fixed: Domain – Import from Domain using LDAP byt not external csvde.exe thread

 1.9.6 (23 July 2013)

Fixed: ODBC – Modified to use WMI to execute remote command
Fixed: System Information – DEP-PAE – Modified to use WMI to execute remote command
Added: Services – “*” or “” to display the list of all Services on Remote Host
Added: System Information – New metrics for the memory: Total Physical Memory,Free Physical Memory,Total Virtual Memory,Free Virtual Memory,Free Memory
Added: System Information – New metrics for the CPU Usage
Fixed: General – Ping (refresh hosts) failed when space in the computer name, application crashes
Fixed: Registry – Sometimes WMI|Not found errors while export/import of registry
Fixed: System Information – Tymesync geting wrong parameters
Fixed: General – Track of Stop command if it is done in the mid of Registry key/value enumerate
Fixed: Registry – Crashes if stopped in yhe middle of Enum Registry keys/values
Fixed: General – Progress in status bar for registry read key/values
Fixed: General – Strange Freeze while the loop of waiting for process finishes
Fixed: General – Track of Stop command if it is done in the mid of waiting for process cyrcle

 1.9.5 (22 July 2013)

Fixed: Registry – Add – Changed from Reg.exe to WMI (no reg.exe any more)
Fixed: Registry – To check “|” symbol in all input fields before run, otherwise failed
Fixed: Registry – Checking if data input field is Integer for DWORD,QWORD,BINARY types of registry before create
Added: Registry – Different description for different key data types in GUI

 1.9.5 (19 July 2013)

Fixed: Registry – Delete – Changed from Reg.exe to WMI (no reg.exe any more)
Added: Registry – Read/Delete – support of Recursive Search of all Subkeys and Values in the registry
Added: Registry – “*” to display the list of all registry values in the selected Key on Remote Host
Fixed: Registry – Read – Changed from Reg.exe to WMI (no reg.exe any more)
Fixed: Registry – Read – Support of HKU to HKCU key for registry read operations

 1.9.3 (9 July 2013)

Fixed: Remote Control – Execute Process – change from psexec to WMI (no psexec any more)
Fixed: Remote Control – Kill Process – change from pskill to WMI (no pskill any more)
Fixed: Remote Control – List Process – change from pslist to WMI (no pslist any more)
Fixed: Remote Control – Shutdown – change from psshutdown to WMI (no psshutdown any more)
Fixed: System Information – Logged User – change from pslogeedon to WMI (no pslogeedon any more)
Fixed: Services – All functions – change from psservice to WMI (no psservice any more)
Added: Remote Control – “*” to display the list of all processes on Remote Host

 1.9.0 (2 July 2013)

Fixed: Services – Service change parameters does not work if service name has spaces inside
Fixed: File System – File Get Attributes – wrong processing if path ends with *.*
Fixed: File System – “File Copy To”, folders are duplicated in case of copying of whole folder like “from C:\Temp1 to \C$\Temp1
Fixed: File System – File Copy To, problems if path consist of many “.” symbols
Fixed: File System – Crash when gets all file attributes if path \C$\Log
Fixed: General – Ping if only one hosts in the list doesn’t not work
Fixed: General – Scenario is not loaded well
Fixed: Remote Control -No any messages after running of some remote commands
Fixed: Export – Export results and host buttons should be disabled while processing
Fixed: General – Sometimes GUI locked twice – to add flag do not disable the second time if already disabled
Fixed: Groups combo should have scrolling line
Added: Remote Control – More detailed output in Kill process
Added: Remote Control – Kill process – timeout option
Added: Remote Control – More detailed output after Execute Remote Command
Added: Remote Control – Execute Remote Control – timeout option
Added: Services – More detailed output after Service control
Added: Services – Execute Remote Control – timeout option
Added: Remote Control – More detailed output after Shutdown
Added: Remote Control – Shutdown – timeout option
Added: General – ENTER hotkey to add host and add group


[ Total refactoring of the code ]


 1.7.39 (4 August, 2010)

Added: Settings – Timeout option to the settings GUI for child processes
Added: Services – Service change login option
Added: Services -More detailed result and errors while changes of services parameters

 1.7.35 (9 June, 2010)

Fixed: Events – delete .BAK files while cleaning of event logs
Fixed: Remote Control – “Restart Host” after X seconds only digits values accepted in GUI
Fixed: General – Disabled “Enter” hotkey at all to avoid the conflict with other applications
Fixed: System Information – ODBC creation does not work properly
Fixed: System Information – Improvements for ODBC creation
Fixed: System Information – Improvements for DEPPAE information receiving
Fixed: System Information – Changing gathering of DEP/PAE Settings from boot.ini instead of CMD “bootcfg”
Fixed: General – Some fields remains not active after loading of scenario
Added: System Information – Added Java Update number into Java Version information
Added: General – Timeout of 60 sec added into some child threads

 1.6.167 (18 January, 2010)

Fixed: ODBC – ODBC messages exchange by registry
Fixed: ODBC – implementation of hidden thread – removed CMD popup on remote host
Fixed: General – Closing of all child processes when main process stopped
Fixed: General – Critical bug in remote execution found!
Fixed: General – Activate input boxes only when related Action checkbox selected
Fixed: WMI Query: To disable and reset combo boxes if action checkbox is unchecked
Added: ODBC – Import DB settings dialog
Added: General – Stop button in popup log window to stop process of drawing of results in case of huge output
Added: ODBC – New Tab ODBC to control ODBC DSN settings on remote host
Added: System Information – QuickTime Version
Added: System Information – Time Zone
Added: System Information – Regional Settings
Added: System Information – Firewall Status
Added: System Information – Automatic Updates Status
Added: System Information – DEP & PAE Status
Added: Events – collect information from Windows Event Logs
Added: Remote Control – Parse <Host> feature for Remote Command Execution to use commands like ‘xcopy /E /C /I /F /H /R /Y “C:\Patch” “\\<Host>\DaletPlus\Bin”‘
Added: Remote Control – One more parameter Interact with desktop
Added: Remote Control – One more parameter Don’t wait
Fixed: Remote Control – “Don’t wait” checkbox removed – default option for now
Fixed: System Information – “Timesync parameters” output in one line, checkout if service was installed first

 1.6.150 (3 August, 2009)

Added: General – New style for popup messages.
Added: Remote Control – Presets for Run CMD action
Added: General – Error handler for XML DOM functions
Added: General – Error handler for WMI COM functions
Fixed: WMI Query – Import from localhost – ping as a separated thread for
Fixed: WMI Query – Rights from global settings are using for WMI queries now
Fixed: Export – Missing temporary file for export\print functions
Fixed: General – GUI remains disabled (buttons/toolbar/menu) when some processes finished
Fixed: General – Unified GUI messages when there is no log file
Fixed: General – After COM/XML error popup, main GUI remains not active
Fixed: Scenario – Refresh of list of actions is not happening when Scenario Tab selected
Fixed: System Information – wrong information about processor if there is no property NumberOfLogicalProcessors

 1.6.50 (24 April, 2009)

Added: General – Popup message to recommend to run System Tools under local Administrator account if there is no admin rights on local machine
Added: Services – Import button to select service from the list of local services
Added: Registry – Import button for registry keys (List of DTK flags)
Added: General – Icons for buttons in “Add Group\Add Host\Settings\Import from Domain” dialogs
Added: Scenario – Saving of Scenario Actions Order into scenario XML file
Added: Scenario – Loading of Scenario Actions Order from scenario XML file
Fixed: General – Disabling of Toolbar and Main Menu of the main GUI while some of popup dialogs to avoid double action and displaying dialogs twice
Fixed: System Information – User Logged On – checking for errors in output
Fixed: General – Application crashes if stopped in the middle of ping process
Fixed: General – Some popups are leaving main GUI disabled after closing of these popups

 1.6.42 (21 April, 2009)

Added: Ping – Ping as a separated thread for main process before actions
Added: Ping – Parallel multithread ping processing for “Check online status” function (amazing increasing of speed of checking online status for huge amount of PCs)
Added: Ping – “Ping Simultaneous Threads” setting in Settings dialog (default value – 5)
Added: Ping – “Ping Timeout (sec)” setting in Settings dialog (default value – 5)
Added: Remote Control – “Remote Process Path” – temporary path (by default \C$\Temp) – option added into Settings dialog (needed for registry export\backup\import\restore processes)
Fixed: Settings – System account (1/0 to change to Yes/No)
Fixed: System Information – Joining of OS Version, OS Service Pack, OS Build, OS Language info?s into one line like (OS Version: “%1”, OS Service Pack: “%2”, OS Build: “%3”, OS Language: “%4”)
Fixed: System Information – OS Language should be transformed from code page values into real names Example: (1033 -> English)
Fixed: System Information – Joining of Processor Type, Processor Speed, Processors info?s into one line like (Processor Type: “%1”, Processor Speed: “%2”, Processors: “%3”)
Fixed: General – Crash of application after pressing Select Online/Offline/Denied hosts if list of hosts is empty
Fixed: Settings – Accept empty security fields in Settings if System Account option is ON

 1.6.29 (17 April, 2009)

Added: File System – File Get Attributes – create combo for type of retrieval data (All Data\Size\Last Modified\Version\Checksum)
Added: File System – File Get Attributes – processing to get info of selected type (All Data\Size\Last Modified\Version\Checksum)
Added: Services – Change startup mode (Automatic\Manual\Disabled)
Added: Domain – Disable interface activity while import from Domain
Added: Domain – Display progress of import from domain in Status bar
Fixed: WMI Query – Popup messages (instead of messages inside the result log) in case of wrong fields
Fixed: Remote Control – Popup messages (instead of messages inside the result log) in case of wrong fields
Fixed: Registry – Popup messages (instead of messages inside the result log) in case of wrong fields
Fixed: Config File – Popup messages (instead of messages inside the result log) in case of wrong fields
Fixed: File System – Popup messages (instead of messages inside the result log) in case of wrong fields

 1.6.28 (14 April, 2009)

Added: Registry – Backup\Restore of whole registry or part of tree
Added: Registry – Export\Import of whole registry or part of tree
Added: Registry – <Host> variable parsing in the names of files to collect and distribute registry
Added: General – Possibility to Open\Save of scenario into XML file
Added: General – GUI for Open\Save of scenario into XML file
Added: General – Disabling of toolbar buttons while main process to avoid any actions
Added: General – Disabling of main menu actions while main process to avoid any actions
Fixed: General – Popup messages (instead of messages inside the result log) in case of Export\Print errors while Exporting\Printing process
Fixed: Export – Save As dialog to select exported file name for to Text/Excel/Word Export
Fixed: General – Verification if exported to Text/Excel/Word file already opened in application

 1.6.16 (10 April, 2009)

Added: Scenario – Testing running process of Scenario before real execution to check all inputs filled
Added: Settings – one more option for program mode Write so total modes are Read,Write,Read/Write
Added: Scenario – Total Errors counter displayed in results log when scenario is finished
Added: Registry – Double-check added\updated value after process
Added: Registry – Displaying of previous (old) key value if exists and new key value while Update procedure
Added: Registry – Different Results messages for update (if registry key exists) and adding operations
Added: Registry – more types of added\updated data – REG_BINARY|REG_NONE
Added: Registry – “DWORD as Decimal” checkbox is working for each operation Read/Add/Delete to display result in DEC now
Fixed: Remote Control – Removing testing of remote command execution with PSExec while Check Online procedure
Fixed: Config File – Output with Section: “%1”, Key: “%2”, Value: “%3” spelling
Fixed: Config File – Displaying previous (old) key value if exist while Add/Update procedure
Fixed: General – Hosts List is blinking while drawing of results
Fixed: Scenario – Checkup if scenario is empty before running it.

 1.6.12 (8 April, 2009)

Added: Scenario – Implementation of Summary feature
Added: General – Sorting of Results list, Export to Text, Print to Excel\Word\Text
Added: Settings – Default Mode and Language in Settings
Fixed: Scenario – Fully changed processes running algorithm because of scenarios implementation
Fixed: General – A lot of code optimization and advanced error checking

 1.6.0 (1 April, 2009)

Added: Tabs – WMI Queries, Export to Excel, Export to Word, Filters for list of hosts
Fixed: General – Code optimization, Moving of GUI Tabs into external include file

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