8. Automatic Updates

System Tools has Automatic Updates feature. This feature is only available in the full (not trial) version of the System Tools. Automatic updates allow users to keep System Tools updated without having to check for and install available updates manually. The software will automatically check for available updates during the start up, and if found, the updates can be downloaded and installed with the single click.
However, users can force the manual check of available updates:

  1. Install System Tools.
  2. Launch System Tools.
  3. Make sure, your computer (where the System Tools was installed) is connected to the Internet.
  4. Select “Check for Updates” from System Tools “Help” menu.

  1. System Tools software update dialog appears and performs the check of an available updates.

  1. If updates are available, the dialog will display it with the recent change notes or will notify you about you already have the latest version.
  1. Press “Update” button to process with the installation.
  2. The update process itself consists of several steps:
  1. Downloading the update from System Tools web site.
  2. Backing up the current version of System Tools; backup is created every time during the upgrade; previous versions can be found in “Backup” folder inside System Tools installation folder:

  1. If updates were successfully downloaded System Tools will be closed automatically.
  2. Updater will replace all necessary files in the system.
  3. System Tools will be launched again with the updated version.
  1. Press “Done” button to close the dialog.

  1. Update has been successfully completed.
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