How does it work?

System Tools is based on WMI, which stands for Windows Management Instrumentation. WMI’s purpose is similar to that of SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol): to enable the querying and control of management information in an enterprise - but it has a significantly different architecture under the covers. Compared to SNMP, WMI provides a higher-level representation of systems, in that it supports properties, events and methods on top of classes of objects, along with a more powerful query language than SNMP supports...

Why do you need it?

System Tools is a Windows application that allows common system administration tasks to be executed on multiple computers by the single click.
It is no different than other system utilities that modify system settings in that respect, except for one key difference: System Tools can make changes to potentially hundreds of computers with the click of a button. It can significantly improve the maintenance of the network computers and speed-up the performing of day-to-day tasks ...


The System Tools's intuitive interface can simplifies the complex tasks:

Batch Network Ping
File System
Registry maintenance
Remote Control
Services Maintenance
INI File Management
ODBC Maintenance
Windows Events ...
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